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Plympton Halifax Calisthenics Club was formed in 1992 after the amalgamation of Plympton and Halifax Calisthenics Clubs.

Halifax began in 1950 and was named after Halifax Street in Adelaide where they trained. Plympton began in 1966 under the named of Plympton All Saints and has always trained at the Plympton All Saints Uniting Church Hall.

Over the years the name changed from Plympton Methodist All Saints, to Plympton All Saints and finally Plympton. Plympton was a non-competitive Club until 1977 when it entered the State Championships.
Life Members
Life Membership is one way we honour those who have provided exemplorary service to the club.

Judy Kerr (dec)Glenda Downs (dec)Jane Dowling
Bev BahrKelly RamsayJulie Allison
Jill BartschLouise MooreJulie Galpin
Lorraine GearJanine DugganBronwyn Marshall
Karen HicksCate BellGina Cimarosti
Maureen Campbell (dec.)Jessica BartschPaige Dowling
Tracey ZerellaKylie SmitheramKaye DeLaine
Christine LaratroAnna MemmaMeg Allison
Jean Lehman (dec)Michelle HoareEloise Hawke
Rosslyn WhenanTrish HawkeCourtney Marshall
Kim QuintrellKaren TindallEmma McAllister
Josie KerrPauline SmitheramAlice Carter
Pat Callahan (dec.)Andrea LippasaarEmma Allison
Lisa BeeckenHayley EdwardsLaurel Hawke
Sonia DanielsBeth HammillSue McAvaney
Jodie FoxMichelle MooreCasey Allison
Amelia DeLaineJaclyn DeLaine
"Club Girl" Award
The Club Girl is awarded by the Coaches for outstanding commitment to the Club.

1992 Michelle Hoare 2005 Airlee Galpin
1993 Cate Bell 2006 Stephanie Louca
1994 Laurel Hawke 2007 Michelle Moore
1995 Hayley Trenwith 2008 Maggie Kerr
1996 Kylie Smitheram 2009 Caitlin Carroll
1997 Janine Duggan 2010 Caitlin Carroll
1998 Sally Carter 2011 Maggie Kerr
1999 Beth Hammill 2012 Caitlin Carroll
2000 Hayley Edwards 2013 Charlotte Beecken
2001 Paige Dowling 2014 Amelia DeLaine
2002 Paige Dowling 2015 Caitlin Carroll
2003 Courtney Marshall 2016 Amelia DeLaine
2004 Hayley Edwards
"Club Person" Award
The Club Person is awarded by the Executive Committee for outstanding club effort, during the year.

2002 Andrea Lippasaar 2010 Pauline Smitheram
2003 Glenda Downs 2011 Mike Canty
2004 Julie Allison 2012 Di Carroll
2005 Andy Galpin 2013 Sandy McAppion
2006 Rob Kerr 2014 Lani Millar
2007 Julie Galpin 2015 Lani Millar
        Trish Hawke
2008 Lisa Beecken
2009 Lisa Beecken
        Sue McAvaney